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To cultivate authentic learning through integrated experiences in a supportive community. 

Core Values:

Teaching (Ethos of the School)
Each child is held as capable, and empowered as an individual.
The focus is on teaching the whole child with a balance on meeting individual needs and developing collaborative skills.

Educational Outcomes
The goal is a lifelong learner with a love for learning as a process equal to the acquisition of skills and specific knowledge, imagining learning as a joyful pursuit that develops a depth of knowledge and critical, independent thinking.

Environment of the School
The emphasis is on building a nurturing student community where individuals encourage and support one another, and where respect is given freely to all members.

The school is a diverse learning community where there is an understanding of the impact of one’s actions on the community, on the environment, and on the self.

Our thriving school community depends on the active commitment and talents of parents.

Excellence in Education Practice
The school program is rooted in progressive education where current research is valued as a source for program development. Curriculum is designed and fashioned to remain developmentally appropriate.

The Gardner School of Arts & Sciences

Teaching Deeply, Learning Fully, Cultivating Responsibility—One Mind at a Time.

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