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What is Eudemonia? Eudemonia is an ancient Greek term that today is used to describe a focus on well-being, happiness, and a meaningful, balanced life. Eudemonia connects to two Multiple Intelligences, Intrapersonal and Interpersonal — the ways we connect to others and ourselves.

Gifts to The Eudemonia Fund support our focus on student and faculty community and well-being. Well-being and meaningful relationships are incredibly important to student learning, and nurturing community is essential to Gardner’s focus on the whole child.

Your gift to The Eudemonia Fund supports:

  • Our campus Garden and Wetlands, which provide space for all of our community members to learn, play, volunteer, and even find quiet moments in a natural environment.
  • Classroom resources that enhance our students’ individual and collective enjoyment of their learning and social environments.
  • Student community building programs such as special Community Meeting presentations and Buddies activities.
  • Activities and opportunities that foster community within our staff, such as professional development workshops, education conferences, team-building, and celebrations.  

Donations may be made to The Eudemonia Fund at any time, by clicking HERE or by contacting Scott Kerman, Head of School, at

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