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Games, Exploration, Hide-and-Seek and Movie

July 15 – July 19   -OR-   July 29 – August 2

AGES: 5-14 

9am – 3pm


Let’s spend some summer days doing all the things that make summer great. Let’s have mornings filled with Hide and Go Seek, Capture the Flag, Wiffle Ball, and Dodgeball. Let’s get lost in afternoons playing Kickball, having water balloon toss, and exploring the wetlands. Hey, let’s have a day to just kick back and go see the newest, kid friendly, blockbuster playing at the movie theater. How about we make a campfire and cook our own lunch one day… just to say we did it! Why don’t we spend a day building something on campus that we can share with our friends during the next school year.  Let’s see if we can do it all and more in Hide and Seek, Ball Games and a Movie Camp. See you this summer!


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