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The Gardner School curriculum is defined as “everything we take responsibility for.” Everything we do at The Gardner School — our curriculum, our lessons, our interactions — centers around these four pillars: Knowledge and Understanding, Character, Stance and Impact.
We enable children to become critical thinkers, posing and solving problems with integrity and responsibility while embracing challenge in a supportive community of learners.


KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING: Knowledge and understanding focuses on both the process and the end product of learning. Students engage with standards-based content in reading, writing and math using individualized learning processes and apply what they learn to extended thematic units. Here they encounter deep and meaningful learning experiences that go beyond simple recall of facts and figures.

STANCE: Developing a stance — a way of thinking and working — is crucial to the future success of our students. Collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation are essential characteristics we instill in our students, preparing them to be successful in a demanding and rapidly changing workforce.

IMPACT: Impact is where our teachers and students put The Gardner School mission — “to develop responsibility for ourselves, our community, the earth and humanity” — into action. We take a planned and deliberate approach to ensuring that our students are not just happy and active members of society, but also purposefully working toward making the world a better place.

CHARACTER: Character is an essential component of our curriculum. We engage our students in exploring the “gray areas” of life — the complexities of right and wrong, success and failure — rather than advocating any one position. Opportunities for character growth are presented in the classroom and beyond as our students engage with their community.


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