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Pahto (Kindergarten & grade 1) Loowit (grade 2) and Wy’East (grade 3/4) are vibrant learning communities shaped to a great extent by the students. Every child brings with them a unique learning style, individual experiences and emerging understandings of the world around them. Our child-centered approach to learning, engages each student and offers them a chance to discover their inner writer, thinker, reader, artist, musician – and shine!



The multi-age classroom enriches the group learning experience and further develops communication and leadership skills. It extends the relationship with the teacher, providing continuity and the opportunity to set and achieve long-term learning goals.


Thematic studies are an essential part of learning at Gardner. Faculty use essential questions to plan and create thematics that lead students to a deep level of understanding. Students give feedback and direction to projects, allowing individual interests to drive the study. At the end of a thematic unit, students collaborate to share their learning with peers, families and friends. These ‘Culminating Events’ allow students to share their knowledge and understanding through dynamic displays, dramatic performances, song, dance, music, and art.


We refer to the ‘intelligences’ as ‘smarts’.  Students spend time at the beginning of each year reviewing the ‘smarts’ and reflecting upon their own and one another’s gifts.  Various projects and explorations allow students to discover their strengths as well as their challenges.  Throughout the year activities and projects allow students to explore the multiple intelligences and provide opportunity for deep and meaningful self-reflection.

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