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Below you will find the schedule for The Gardner School of Arts & Sciences 2017 Summer Camps. A more detailed description of each camp can be found at the end of the document. Camps run for one week, at the times listed, and run throughout the summer break. Students may sign up for as many camps as they would like. Camps are open to the public.

Dates Teacher leader/contact Camp Ages Time Cost
June 19 – June 23 Norma Bliley

Bichos-Bugs 5-8 9-3 $275
June 19 – June 23 Michelle Gault

Puzzle It and Move It 5-14 9-3 $275
June 19 – June 23 Jason Kaiser

Music Exploration 7-14 9-3 $275
June 26 – June 30 Jason Kaiser

Music Exploration 7-14 9-3 $275
July 3 – July 7 Peter Pickett

Wetlands Camp 6-14 9-12 $138 ($110 if gone for 4th)
July 5 – July 7 Jason Kaiser

Music Exploration 7-14 9-3 $165 (3 days only)
July 10 – July 14 Jared Renfro

Toy Creation 6-14 9-3 $275
July 10 – July 14 Peter Pickett

Wetlands Camp 6-14 9-12 $138
July 17 – July 21 Jason Kaiser

Rock Band 7-14 9-3 $275
July 17 – July 21 Jackie Taylor

Outdoor Explorers 5-14 9-3 $275
Dates Teacher leader/contact Camp Ages Time Cost
July 24 – July 28 Jason Kaiser

Rock Band 7-14 9-3 $275
July 24 – July 28 Willis Taylor

Games, Exploration,

Hide-and-Seek and Movie

5-14 9-3 $275
July 31 – Aug 4 Deborah Simons

Fun Start 3-4 9-12 $138
July 31 – Aug 4 Jason Kaiser

Rock Band 7-14+ 9-3 $275
Aug 7 – Aug 11 Jason Kaiser

Rock Band 7-14+ 9-3 $275
Aug 7 – Aug 11 Maria Flores

Spanish Adventure 3-4 9-12 $138
Aug 7 – Aug 11 Rose Hout

Imaginarium 5-10 9-3 $275
Aug 14 – Aug 18 Jason Kaiser

Rock Band 7-14+ 9-3 $275

Aug 14 – Aug 18

Jane Rhomberg


ART Explorers!

6-14 9-3 $275
Tutoring Options
June – Aug Jackie Taylor: Reading, Writing, or Math Tutoring 5-14 TBD $50/hr
June – Aug Emily Davis: Reading, Writing, or Math Tutoring 5-14+ TBD $50/hr
June – Aug Michelle Pillette: Math Tutoring 10-18 TBD $50/hr


Bichos (Bugs) 5-8 Welcome to the wonderful world of bugs, experienced through the Spanish Language.  Your child will sing, do crafts, find creatures, explore nature, play games and learn that life is a fiesta, all in Spanish!  Join Norma and Cassie on a delightful foreign adventure!
Puzzle It and Move It 5-14 Campers will join together for puzzling fun for the first half of each day.  We will be assembling pre-made puzzles from 25 pieces all the way up to a 1000 piece puzzle.  We will also challenge our skills with crossword searches, mazes, as well as design and create their own puzzles for family and friends to try.  After lunch we will move over to the WSU campus to finish our day with some fun hiking and exploring!
Music Exploration 7-14 Do you Love music? Do you want to learn how to play drums, Guitar, Piano and more? In Music exploration not only will we be exploring different instruments, we will be learning about music theory and music history as well.  Students get to work creatively as a team through drum circles and songwriting. Discover different styles of music from jazz and rock n roll and pop, to classical and world. No previous Musical experience is required.
Wetlands Camp! 5-14 It’s here! Wetland games and maybe a little dodgeball! Ninja’s and Guards, Vampire Hunters, Capture the Flag, Predator & Prey, and more! Have fun with your friends playing some of the favorite games of the year! Campers will get a chance to create their own games as well as have time to explore and play in the wetlands. Campers will get to use fitbits to track how far they run. Limited spots available.
Toy Creation 6-14 Everyone likes to play with toys, but in this camp you get to create the toys you will be playing with. Learn how to hand sew as you make stuffies and puppets. Learn how easy it is to create a car using found objects around the house or using a propeller to create your own flying machine that runs on rubber bands. These are just a few of the options available for you. Each day will be spent building and creating toys that you will be able to take home with you at the end of the week.
Rock Band 7-14 Wanna Rock? In one week students get to learn how to play in a Rock band! Work as a team to learn and perform your favorite songs! Students not only get to learn musicianship and showmanship skills, but also learn how to set-up/ tear-down equipment and run a soundboard!
Outdoor Explorers 6-14 Calling all Nature Explorers! Come to camp this week to explore and play in the wetlands, hike and investigate the creek at WSU, observe the Gardner bees and garden life, watch birds and build structures. Campers will get to cook, play games, read and act out stories, and create natural art. A week of outdoor fun!
Games, Exploration,

Hide-and-Seek and a Movie

5-14 Let’s spend some summer days doing all the things that make summer great. Let’s have mornings filled with Hide and Go Seek, Capture the Flag, Wiffle Ball, and Dodgeball. Let’s get lost in afternoons playing Kickball, having water balloon toss, and exploring the wetlands. Hey, let’s have a day to just kick back and go see the newest, kid friendly, blockbuster playing at the movie theater. How about we make a campfire and cook our own lunch one day… just to say we did it! Why don’t we spend a day building something on campus that we can share with our friends during the next school year.  Let’s see if we can do it all and more in Hide and Seek, Ball Games and a Movie Camp. See you this summer!
Fun Start 3-4 This camp is for children who will be joining The Gardner School Tumtum class this coming school year. Become acquainted with the classroom, make new friends, sing songs, dance, explore art, hear and tell stories, build creations, explore the outside environment, and much much more. Get to know your teacher in a nurturing and rerelaxed atmosphere.
Spanish Adventure 3-4 This camp will include lots of fun for the students. This will enable them to learn a new language using various techniques and activities. Daily activities will include singing, dancing, listening to music, storytelling, and individual dialogue. We’ll incorporate numbers, colors, objects, and pictures to facilitate the learning process.
Imaginarium 5-10 Join us this week to play, create, and explore arts and crafts!  Each day will be spent designing, creating, hearing stories, playing games, and making things from your imagination. Projects will include nature art, beading, clay, painting, and more.  Bring your imaginations and join the fun!
ART Explorers! 6-12 Hey ART Explorers! Let’s dive into some fun arts and crafts to celebrate summer. We will experiment with C-O-L-O-R,  tie-dye T-shirts, paint, create collages and more. You will go home with a portfolio of the beautiful art you made everyday!
Reading, Writing, or Math Tutoring 5-14 One-on-one tutoring is available in reading and writing using the F.A.S.T. program, a multi-sensory phonetic-based reading program. Math assistance will be individualized to your child’s needs and learning style. Times and locations are flexible. Please contact Jackie, Emily, or Michelle for further details.



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