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Cheris Owens

Loowit (Grade 2) Teacher

Cheris Owens has seen the Australian Outback, held lemurs in Madagaszar, and gone on a safari in Kenya. Cheris’s classroom is deliberately created to be an active, individualized learning environment for students of all levels. Learning is encouraged through drama, accountability, art, and curious exploration. Science, math, and reading are foundational building blocks for students in her classroom. As a progressive, constructivist, teacher, Cheris believes students must learn to match their preferred style of learning to their intellectual strengths. Cooperation among students to achieve class and individual goals is a learned skill taught daily in the classroom. With support, each student is challenged to become a curious, life-long learner with the skill set necessary to not only understand their world but to formulate and communicate their logic. These life skills create a formidable foundation on which to build knowledge as students continue to grow.

Cheris grew up in a family where education was greatly valued and this is reflected in her own life. She graduated from Eastern Oregon University with a B.S. in Education. This was followed up by obtaining her MS in Education from Portland State University. Later, she worked hard to obtain her National Board Certification. This led to a desire to obtain her doctor from George Fox University in 2009.

Outside of the classroom, Cheris enjoys the antics of her two Coton de Tulear dogs (a breed native to Madagascar) as well as walking her dogs. She also enjoys taking interesting classes, stained glass currently, and reading, both for professional growth and personal enjoyment.

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