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Gregory Glascock

Klickitat (Grade 5 & 6) Teacher

Greg loves learning.

Greg’s passion is to encourage students to think critically and creatively about the world around us and empower all to use what we learn and apply it to help make the world a better place. He has been a teacher for most of his life, through teaching swim lessons in high school to coaching lacrosse across the west coast, and then in the classroom focusing on celebrating and growing diverse learners and ‘inspired’ humans. While most of the classes have been 3rd – 8th grade, in science, technology, engineering and math, Greg has also taught HS robotics and entrepreneurship.

Learning about how the world works led Greg to study science in college. In 2008 Greg graduated from OSU with his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Zoology, and in 2009 completed the Masters in the Arts of Teaching Immersion program at Oregon State with an emphasis on diversity and teaching to students of various cultures and home languages. Since then Greg has worked in Portland Public Schools, and after moving to Vancouver in 2015, at Battle Ground Public Schools. Greg’s positive and energetic demeanor has been effective in engaging both students and families, while allowing for creative ways for each student to make it their own and show their understanding of the standards. His coaching background helps the classroom unite as a team and celebrate strengths and successes, while working on individual needs and skills for all to contribute to success in their own unique way. Positive and proactive classroom management plays a key role in the community’s success, and is earned with clear expectations, consistency, and collaboration between the teaching team, while actively listening and remaining flexible to meet each student’s interests. His educational philosophy is that lessons should be hands-on and inquiry-based and approached from multiple perspectives with a focus on each student and their contributions to funnel their interests, validate previous experiences and define the unknowns for future research.

When not teaching, Greg enjoys nature, animals, and family time. Together they enjoy adventuring and exploring the PNW, but also staying home at their alpaca ranch.

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