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Joyce Knezevich

Kalama (Kindergarten) Teacher

Joyce Knezevich is joining the Gardner School with a rich background in arts, design, community education, and classroom experience. She works to meet individual student needs, both academic and social-emotional, in her classroom. As our next kindergarten teacher, she will bring her talents to create an engaging space for our incoming students.

Learning and helping others is the innate driving force of her career. Joyce knows play and hands-on learning is a best practice of learners, and she is looking forward to teaching kindergarten students so that they learn new tools and ideas to express themselves, communicate confidently, and build knowledge. Joyce has a unique skillset, starting with her mechanical engineering experience, and continuing with her work as a muralist, illustrator, and technologist. With this background, she can bring the arts and sciences into the Kalama classroom everyday.

Joyce has lived in many cities across the United States and is happy to have landed here in Vancouver. She grew up next to rivers and the Columbia River has become a favorite local spot. She is excited about learning all about Gardner and getting to know all of the families and students!

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