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Missy Gladski

Loowit (Grade 1 & 2) Teacher (

The 2017-2018 school year is a homecoming for Missy. She worked at Gardner School for seven years before taking time off to stay at home and raise her two sons. While she was at Gardner, she held various teaching positions; most noteworthy were the years spent team-teaching Loowit with Jackie.

An east coast girl, Missy graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy from St. Michael’s College, a small liberal arts school in Vermont. While there, she met her future husband, Daryn. After several years working in Vermont, they decided to gather up their things in a tiny, pull-behind U-Haul trailer and move out to the great Pacific Northwest. They settled into Portland in 2001. Daryn and Missy both thought their stay here would be only a few years, but gradually their roots grew down.

Finally listening to her inner-teacher-voice, she became an apprentice teacher at Arbor School of Arts and Sciences in Tualatin, Oregon. This rigorous, two year apprenticeship involved full time teaching responsibilities in a blended K/1 classroom while completing seminar classes through the Arbor Center for Teaching.

Missy began working at Gardner School as one of the Kalama teachers in 2004. From there, she team taught with Jackie in Loowit for several years. Her last few years at Gardner, she was a “Floating Teacher.” In this position, she worked with almost all the grade levels teaching reading, writing, math, and other specialized small groups of students.

In late November 2010, Missy stopped working at Gardner to raise her then newborn son, Otis. Almost three years later he was followed by her second son, Sal. Although she was not working at Gardner, she says she never did fully leave this wonderful school. She would often substitute teach and always make it back (kids in tow) to campus for Culminating Events and other Gardner celebrations.

Missy is happy to return to Gardner for the 2017-2018 school year, seeing all the familiar faces, meeting all of the new ones, watching her children set out on their own Gardner path, and most especially, working with all of the Gardner students.

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